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Charles Moul
Associate Professor of Economics

Department of Economics, Farmer School of Business
2054 FSB
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056

Office: 2032 FSB
Tel:  (513) 529-2867
Fax: (513) 529-6992
Email: moulcc [at]

    Professor Moul specializes in empirical industrial organization, but he is generally interested in applied micro topics. His work to date has focused upon the economics of motion picture distribution (especially regarding information and advertising), the impact of marginal costs on firm entry decisions (specifically taxes in the retail gasoline industry), vertical issues (in movies and mobile phones), and the detection of collusion (in theatrical movie distribution and international chess). Other work spans contemporary Australian bookies on horserace wagering and market structure in pre-Civil War banking. After spending eight years at Washington University in St. Louis, he is happy to achieve total geographic confusion by being at Miami University in Ohio.

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Curriculum Vitae

Classes Taught

Miami University
    ECO 201: Introduction to Microeconomics
    ECO 201H: Introduction to Microeconomics (Honors)
    ECO 315: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    ECO 461: Industrial Organization and Public Policy
    ECO 615: Advanced Microeconomic Theory (MA)

Washington University in St. Louis
    Econ 103B: Introduction to Political Economy: Microeconomics
    Econ 452: Industrial Organization
    Econ 5553: Topics in Empirical Industrial Organization (PhD)

A Concise Handbook of Movie Industry Economics
    Click here to see this edited volume at

Downloadable papers (by topic, some overlap)
    All published papers (with abstracts)
    Chess (Did the Soviets Collude?)

    College choice (Money isn’t Everything)

    Cost disease (Disease or Utopia?)
    Detecting Collusion (Did the Soviets Collude? - chess; Retailer Entry Conditions and Wholesaler Conduct – movies; New Test for Monopoly - theory)
    Endogenous Market Structure (How Far for a Buck?- retail gasoline; Office Supply Superstores; Indiana Panic of 1854)
    Gasoline (How Far for a Buck?)

    Horses (House Doesn’t Always Win, Time to Unbridle?)
    Information and Advertising (Measuring Word of Mouth - movies; Omitting Advertising in Demand - movies)
    Macro Data and Benford's Law
    Movies (Qualitative Learning-by-Doing, Retailer Entry Conditions, Measuring Word of Mouth, Omitting Advertising in Demand)

    Vertical relationships (Retailer Entry Conditions and Wholesaler Conduct – movies; Who Should Handle Retail? – mobile phones)


Working papers

    Diminishing Sensitivity: The Marginal Effect of Litigation Risk on Audit Quality in the Post Sarbanes-Oxley Regulatory Environment, with Po-Chang Chen and Andrew Reffett, Dec. 2015 (link)

    Do Menu Labeling Laws Translate into Results? Impacts on Population Obesity and Diabetes, with Jackie Craig and Greg Niemesh, May 2016 (link)

    Consequences of Wisconsin’s Act 10: Teacher compensation and employment, with Becca Jorgensen, May 2017 (link)


Links to Web appendices
    Retailer Entry Conditions and Wholesaler Conduct: The theatrical distribution of motion pictures (link)
    The Political Economy of Numbers: On the Application of Benford's Law to International Macroeconomic Statistics (link)  

    Who Should Handle Retail? Vertical contracts, customer service, and social welfare in a Chinese mobile phone market (link)


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