Building Team Work: Strategies for Success


Learning to work well as a productive member of a diverse team is essential in today’s global economy.  At Miami you are lucky to have many opportunities to research, write and present as a team. Each of these opportunities helps you further develop key skills that employers are seeking.  For example, the 2012 Job Outlook Survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that employers ranked “the ability to work in a team” as the most important skill they are seeking in prospective employees.

When teams work well, there are many benefits to team work, including the ability to:

 But team projects can also go array, leading to such problematic, frustrating outcomes as:

Characteristics of Effective Teams

Effective teams are ones where team members:

Strategies for Effective Team Communication

The art of effective teamwork resides in effective communication. If a team communicates well throughout the process—from brainstorming and planning to researching and compiling to final preparation and delivery—then the complications that will inevitably arise will be much easier to negotiate and resolve.  But in order to communicate well, individuals need to also understand their own communication practices and biases better. For example, someone who is very direct and to-the-point may appear rude to someone else who prefers a more non-confrontational style of communication.

Plan Together

Leverage Technologies

Make a Task Timeline

Foster Equality

Strategies for Effective Team Researching / Writing / Presenting

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