Resume Guide

Use this list to double-check that you include in your resume all necessary and appropriate information based on the rhetorical situation: the audience who will read it and the specific job for which you are applying. You should choose between the two basic resume formats: chronological and functional. The chronological approach is more common—all items are organized in reverse chronological order (most recent first). The functional approach places more emphasis on skills and qualifications, making it useful when you don’t yet have a great deal of applicable work experience.

Main Heading

Include the following information in this section:


Include the following information in this section:


Required information:

Optional Education Information

Employment History or Experience

Include the following basic information for each full or part-time job or internship you have had:

Present employment information based on the following guidelines:

Interests and activities

As appropriate, you may (briefly) include the following information in this section: (Customize the title of the section accordingly.)

Optional sections

The following optional sections may be included based on the experience and skills desired for the specific job you are applying for:


Other notes

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